V.P/General Manager (largest venue in Branson, MO), Brad describes Ashley's services as.....


  • Dependable
  • Attentive
  • Professional
  • Sensitive to operational schedules
  • Systematic approach to Pest Control
  • Trustworthy

Pastor John LindelL

     "Attention to detail, exceptional customer care, careful use of chemicals, & a home free of pests are all reasons why we use Viper Pest Solutions." (August 1, 2014)

District Manager (Springfield, MO), Sam states.....

     "Ashley is a very highly motivated individual that places a high priority on service, teamwork, and relationships. I would highly recommend Ashley Emerick based on his dedication, loyalty, and work ethic. During his time as a service technician for '-------------' he won numerous awards for his outstanding quality, productivity, sales, and third-party audit scores."

(January 22, 2012)

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Operations Manager-Client, Global Pet Food Manufacturer:  Steven says.....


   Ashley has an "untiring dedication and commitment to meeting all of his customers' needs. He tirelessly goes the distance to meet and exceed the high expectations of his customers. He has alway demonstrated his profession with the highest standard in trust, professionalism and integrity."

(February 6, 2013)